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Through life experiences, I discovered that the struggle to achieve one's greatest dreams of desire, for all the best ideas of inventions and innovation, wealth and abundance, simply comes down to love for humanity.  I recognized this new knowledge as a blessing to serve humanity because everything in our world is interdependent, and that the highest of all things is love.  The proceeds from these books will be donated to the poor and needy children.


ISBN-13: 978-1478254843
ISBN-10: 147825484X

Discover the great people with determined passion and outstanding organizational skills that impacted millions of lives with their dedication in helping the working poor and their impact on the Great Awakening that helped seed the American Revolution and the abolishment of slavery. This book is intended for everyone to learn about these people, be inspired, and transformed to do good work for the world by starting within their local communities or an organization. Business managers, owners, and CEOs can emulate the people in the books for organizational skills to produce passionate employees in a parallel thoughts. Productivity would increase with quality. Compassion and Love make the company endure and last for many years. Operate a business or an organization like war, using fear to control and based on competition -if success- it will not last.



Love is the highest level of all thoughts. Love is the highest power of all powers. Love is heaven of heavens. Love requires continued improvement, reformation, change, and action to become Perfect. Men and women of the movement were and are methodically working on perfecting their love of humanity. They love everyone and anyone. They love their enemy. They took and take their perfect love to action in serving humanity. These men and women worked and overcame extremely hard and difficult decisions by using their love to serve humanity that extremely few people were able to do. These men and women set many of the greatest examples for everyone to learn. They walk the talk of love. Their love of humanity was and is in action. And, it will continue to always be in action. The historical documents of perfect love taught in the eighteenth century are included for further learning to love. Love your enemy. There will always be someone that does not like you. Not because you have done something to him or her but because of jealousy, ignorance, and his or her inferior feeling when comparing him or herself to others, which may bring out the dark side of human nature. All humans need to invoke love because it is the highest level of the greatest and perfect side of human nature. This book teaches that Love is God like in nature.

Proceeds from the books are donated to poor children and the needy. 


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